Sunday, 01 October 2023

Workshops WS.III

WS.III Nanocoatings for architectural surfaces Sep 21
09:00 - 13:30

Co-organized and Sponsored by: NANOSILV

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The workshop aims at offering more insight on some applications of nanotechnology for the construction sector, with particular reference to highly innovative solutions for the protection of architectural surfaces. During the session, in particular, various environmentally friendly treatments will be presented: self-cleaning, photocatalytic de-polluting, protectives and bactericides, coatings with thermal performances. All products help to increase the durability of the construction elements, to improve the performances of building materials, contributing to a better energy efficiency and safety of buildings, providing in the meanwhile a greater comfort to the interior of living environments.

It will be highlighted how all the presented technologies help to enhance the sustainability of buildings by prolonging the durability of the surfaces, reducing maintenance operations, enabling them to improve air quality and to reduce the energy consumption of buildings.

The first part of the session, after an introduction on issues related to the deterioration of natural stone materials, will concern the solutions based on nanotechnology for the protection of surfaces, such as water repellent treatments and photocatalytic TiO2-based products.

The second part of the session, will address the problems related to heat transfer as well as energy efficiency of the buildings, with the presentation of the possibilities offered by innovative thermal reflective coatings that repel infrared radiation, allowing high energy savings.






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