Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Key Notes

Masaru HORI - Nagoya University, Japan

Plasma NanoInnovations for Future Industry, Medicine and Agriculture

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Sep 21
08:30 - 09:15

Plasma nanoscience and nanotechnologies have been bringing manufacturing innovations, such as Si ultralarge integrated circuits, GaN devices etc. Nowadays, plasma scientists together with industrial people have been putting forward the smart nanoprocessing, where the plasma nanoprocessing is autonomously controlled by the plasma equipment on the basis of plasma diagnostics and its data based feed-back system for the nanoprocessing. In these days, the atmospheric pressure plasma enabled to open nanoprocesses in device and material fields as well as new medicine and agriculture fields. For example, it was found that the high selectivity in killing cancer cells against normal cells was obtained by an irradiation of the atmospheric pressure plasma and the mechanism was clarified by the molecular biology. Eventually the plasma nanoinnovation is being developed by a combination of bio nanotechnologies. Approaches to nanodevices, nanomaterials and nanobiological filed is strongly progressed by the plasma nanoinnovation.
Such a novel and strategic system is operated by a concurrent executive system of making the establishment of plasma processing nanoscience and performing real collaborations with big and venture companies in Nagoya University. Eventually, we are aiming at giving rise to the society system innovation for global creations through the disputative plasma nanoinnovations. 
So far, we have been investigating and developing a lot of original plasma equipment in green technologies such as radical (H, N, O, C, F) monitoring, a real time substrate temperature  measurement system, and autonomously controlled plasma production system in the nanofabrication of ultralarge scale integrated circuits (ULSI) and so on. Furthermore, ultrahigh density radical source, which is installed into Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) equipment for GaN thin film growth in LED and power devices processes was developed and commercialized.
Plasma activated medium controlling the nonequilibrium chemical species injected to mice enabled us to kill cancers successfully. These fruits have been invented by University scientists, developed and gotten in the business operation by University Ventures with big companies.
In my presentation, I will introduce the plasma nanoscience and nanotechnologies for innovations in the future industry, medicine and agriculture.





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