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AIRI is a private, not-for profit Association, funded in 1974 to promote industrial Research and Innovation in Italy and to enhance co-operation between the private and public sector.

The Association is the focal point for about 100 members, representing private industrial enterprises, large and SMEs, active in Research & Innovation, as well as public research organizations. Researchers of AIRI members constitute about the 45% of the researchers in the Country.

In 2003, AIRI has created AIRI/Nanotec IT, a division dedicated to promote nanotechnologies and their application. A large part of the Italian players in nanotechnology is member of AIRI/Nanotec IT, which, since 2014, has extended its attention to the integration of nanotechnologies with the other Key Enabling Technologies (KETs).

To pursue its mission, AIRI, monitors scientific R&D trends and their applications, disseminates information, facilitates technology transfer and promotes Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). International contacts and cooperation are pivotal to its activity. AIRI has a long experience in participation in co-operative European projects (FP 6, FP 7, Horizon 2020). Often as co-ordinator.

Due to its broad representative base and experience, AIRI is a key opinion leader for the National decision-makers in addressing industrial research and innovation strategies aimed to sustain the technological development of the Country, strengthen its competitive position. AIRI, periodically publish a report “Prioritary Technologies for the Italian Industry”, which has become a guide for National technology planning. In 2015, together with CNR, AIRI has published a report on Responsible Research and Innovation. MIUR has embodied its indications in the National Plan for Research 2015-2020.

The organization, by AIRI, of an International Conference dedicated to nanotechnologies (NanotechItaly) dates back several years. NanotechItaly 2015 was at the 8th Edition.

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"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered, the point is to discover them"

Galileo Galilei

"Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real"

Jules Verne

"Scientist investigate that which already is, engineers create that which has never been"

Theodore Von Karman

"I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward"

Thomas A. Edison