Advance in FIB/SEM Technology and its Contribution to Scientific Problem Solving

TESCAN is Global supplier of scientific instruments with major focus on Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) with Focused Ion Beam (FIB). During last 20 years TESCAN developed solutions for practical as well as pure research applications. Different TESCAN´s unique SEM columns were designed and are currently meeting all the requirement to image basically any nanofeatures in size between 5 - 100 nm. “Conventional” SEM tungsten filament can be used at industrial companies in quality control. On the other hand “high end” SEM with Triglav™ immersion echnology can easily capture ulra high resolution images and meet requirement of resolution 1 nm at 1kV of accelerating voltage. In 2017 new TESCAN SEM with BrightBeam™ Technology offered resolution 1.7 nm at 1 kV and met the demand for field free universal ultra high-resolution SEM. These TESCAN SEM columns can be combined with various focused ion beam columns (Ga + or Xe + ) to acquire instrument for cross-sectional and STEM investigations of nanomaterials. TESCAN builds its reputation also in a field of analytical instrumentation. Aside from successful cooperation with all major producers of EDX, EBSD or WDS, only TESCAN currently offers Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry. This allows studying not only light and heavy elements (starting from hydrogen), but also their isotopes. Mapping, depth profiling, and spectrum analysis are available immediately after single measurement. This novelty helped to solve many industrial problems and assisted in many research tasks. In our talk, we are going to present recent advancement and applications with TESCAN FIB-SEM instrument in the field of material, life and semiconductors sciences. All major types of TESCAN SEM and FIB technologies will be introduced along with the analytical capabilities of the instruments.