Nanostructures and Spectroscopy for Magnetism, Photonics, Biosystems and Cultural Heritage

Nanostructures and advanced hybrid low-dimensional systems will be presented in this session, with scientific and technological interest in the fields of quantum computing, nano-magnetism and biological interaction, as also in the application of state-of-the-art techniques developed for the nano-world to advancement in the new archaeological studies. The effects of quantum confinement in semiconductor dots will be presented, exploiting the strain for engineering their optical response towards their use in quantum communication. The different magnetic coupling of ordered nano-arrays of organo-metallic molecules with ultra-thin cobalt layers through graphene will be explained, showing how to tune either ferromagnetic or antiferromagnetic ordering, towards formation of magnetic nano-units. Finally, new synthethis of carbon nanotubed able to modulate/potentiate electrical activity of neuronal cells cultured on them is presented, towards a potential role of nanostructures in neuroscience.