Sustainable (bio-)technologies for CO2 capture and use

Sustainable usage of resources is increasingly orienting technological developments and, in particular, the escalating concentration of CO2 has compelled research and industry to focus on CO2 capture, storage and utilization technologies to reduce the global anthropogenic CO2 footprint. One appealing solution is the usage of highly sophisticated biological mechanisms for CO2 sequestration and synthesis of bio-based value-added products like fuels, bio-based building blocks, platform chemicals. Alternate and viable routes are firmly ingrained in the design, synthesis and characterization of advanced materials for CO2 separation and capture including physical absorbents and adsorbents such as microporous, mesoporous or carbonaceous materials, surface-functionalized frameworks and metal-organic frameworks. For these technologies to converge and fostering novel services, business models and applications, particular attention is directed towards efficiency, stability, selectivity along with regeneration ability.  This session provides a forum for researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to present innovative solutions, identify open directions and debate the breakthroughs set by the sustainability challenge.