Nanotechnologies for innovative medicine

Nanotechnologies are a key tool to create innovative materials and devices in the medical field. Thanks to the possibility to manipulate the matter at the nanometer scale, nanotechnologies offer several opportunities to generate fundamental revolution in many areas of medicine. In this workshop three special sessions will gain insight on research topics relevant for medical applications in which nanotechnologies play a key role. More in details, the first session will deal with “New Materials and Nanotechnologies for Innovative therapeutic Approaches” presenting some of the most recent advances in the achievement of nanoarchitectures releasing bio-active compounds for therapeutic purposes. The second session will focus on “Materials and Devices for Implants and Regenerative Medicine” where a survey of the most innovative approaches for implants and osteo-chondral regeneration based on nanomaterials will be illustrated. Finally, the third session will address “Molecular Biosensors: the next generation devices”, highlighting the most recent developments and emerging nanotechnologies on integrated nanobiosensors for early diagnosis and prevention of diseases. Two key notes will open the workshop dedicated to “On Dye Doped Silica Nanoparticles as Luminescent Organized Systems for Nanomedicine” by Luca Prodi from University of Bologna and “Nanomedicine in the field of Ortopedic surgery” by Francesco Traina from University of Messina.