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Special thanks for your interest in NanoInnovation

edition 2017


The 2017 edition of NanoInnovation, Conference and Exhibition, is over.

The organizers, AIRI and NanoItaly Association, want to express their warm thanks to all the participants who made Nanoinnovation 2017 a successful event.

The Event has seen the presence of about 1150 participants, who accepted the invitation to join us.

The technical-scientific sessions have been proposed and organized by 23 co-organizers, whose contribution is warmly acknowledged. They fully understood and interpreted at the best the bottom-up principle, which is traditionally the structuring method of our Event.

We are particularly indebted with all the colleagues participating in the scientific sessions, from the more 70 chairpersons, who managed at the best the dense program of Nanoinnovation, comprising 4 tutorial lectures, 1 welcome session, 3 plenary sessions, 13 keynote lectures, 54 technical symposia, 8 special session, 2 poster sessions, 1 round table, 4 multi-sessions workshops, and 4 satellite events, to the more than 300 speakers who shared with us their knowledge and expertise, filling of interesting contents the scientific program.

We warmly thank the 27 exhibitors, to the 28 industrial sponsors and to the 5 patronages, whose contribution allowed us to keep Nanoinnovation a free participation event open to all people interested in nano-bio-technologies.

Our deepest appreciation to Sapienza University of Rome for the kind hospitality, support and contribution; We are, in particular, in debt with the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering (ICI) for giving us the possibility to use its Renaissance Cloister and buildings as meeting area, and with the Department of Basic and Applied Sciences for Engineering (SBAI) for the logistic support given during the preparation of NanoInnovation 2017.

We are also indebted with:

The Agency for the Promotion of European Research (APRE), that organized the networking sessions (B2B meetings and an Elevator Pitch session) with more than 150 attending participants;

The Italian Trade Agency (ITA), that supported the invitation of a delegation comprising outstanding experts coming from 4 different foreign countries (Poland, Switzerland, South Korea and Taiwan);

Fondazione Bracco that supported the Nanoinnovation’s Got Talent reserved to young nanotechnology researchers (<35 years old).

Due to the active participation of attendees and to the great deal of dedication by speakers, exhibitors, supporters and organizers, NanoInnovation 2017 has reached the original purpose of bringing together entrepreneurs, academics, researchers, managers, students and investors. We hope that the overview of the nanotech world offered by this Event will encourage the dialogue among the different protagonists helping to build an integrated community, active and cooperating in the field of micro and nanotechnologies.

We hope that your participation has been fruitful and we wait to receive feedbacks about this event, in order to ensure that the next NanoInnovation Conference, scheduled to take place

from 11th to 14th of September 2018,

would suit at the best your expectations.

See you next year!!!

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The Organizing Committee of Nanoinnovation 2017

Marco ROSSI (chair), Sapienza University of Rome & Nanoitaly Association
Giuseppe GIGLI, University of Salento, CNR-Nanotec & Nanoitaly Association
Fabrizio PIRRI, Polytechnic of Turin, IIT & Nanoitaly Association
Pasquale SANFILIPPO, STMicroelectronics & AIRI
Isella VICINI, Warrant Group & AIRI


AIRI   NanoItaly Associazione





Save the date

After the success of NanoInnovation 2016, the promoting Organizations, namely AIRI - Italian Association for Industrial Research and NanoItaly Association, have agreed to organize in 2017 the second edition of

NanoInnovation will take place on September, 26 - 29 in the Renaissance Cloister by Sangallo at the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome.

NanoInnovation aims to represent the reference national event for the wide and multidisciplinary community involved in the development of nanotechnologies and in their integration with other enabling technologies (KETs) in all application fields. The event represents an unmissable opportunity of meeting among University, Research and Entrepreneurial systems, providing a discussion platform, where researchers, technologists, managers, entrepreneurs and investors can meet and share experiences, opinions and expectations about the growing role of nanotechnology in the KETs evolution toward a sustainable innovation from a social, environmental and economic point of view.

NanoInnovation 2017 aims to:

Act as a meeting point among academia, research, industry and business  community
• Present the state-of-the-art and trends of applied research in nanotechnology
• Showcase the most important innovations generated by these technologies
• Favor the transfer of know-how among various sectors.
• Promote a Responsible Research Innovation.

NanoInnovation will offer to students, PhDs and young researchers an excellent and unique opportunity of updating on the latest developments of nanotechnology, meeting directly the protagonists. Several participation opportunities will be scheduled, ranging from the presentation of the research results on applicative technologies to the organization of technical-scientific sessions, workshops and satellite events, also with the purpose of presenting new instruments or disseminating projects results.

Rome, 26-29 September

The Tutorial Lectures held in the morning of Sept. 26th will introduce the scientific programme of NanoInnovation beginning in the afternoon of the same day with the plenary sessions and that will continue with the multi-track sessions scheduled on September 27th-28th and 29th, including:

KEYNOTE Sessions with distinguished and internationally recognized speakers;

SPECIAL Sessions and Workshops on specific and hot topics;

THEMATIC SYMPOSIA focused on the applications of nanotechnology and on the most recent findings of nanoscience, as driving and boosting forces for sustainable innovation.

A first list of thematic symposia already confirmed is here reported.

  • 3D Correlative Microscopy in Life Science - part I & part II
  • 3th generation, nanosilicon-based solar cells
  • Advanced nanomaterials and technologies for energy exploitation
  • Advanced materials technologies for the development of innovative products: opportunities from the INSTM consortium
  • Advanced SPM: topography and beyond
  • Advancement in material growth and device technology for GaN-based rf and power devices
  • AgriNanoTechniques: Nanomaterials for products and application in agriculture -  part I & part II & part III
  • An Industrial view on ALM: current state, prospective and challenges
  • Blue Energy Harvesting
  • Cells on Chip: Boosting Cellular Measurements (title to be confirmed)
  • Disordered systems: from Physics to Biology
  • General Aspects of ALM Technology
  • Hybrid nanosystems and not: from plants to brain
  • Imaging and spectroscopies for nanocharacterizations
  • Materials and technologies for flexible electronics
  • Microscopy methods for Material Science
  • Microscopy methods for Nanotechnology and Nanofabrication
  • Nanocatalysis
  • Nanoelectronics at UniMoRe
  • Nanoenergy (title to be confirmed)
  • Nanomaterials for Cultural Heritage
  • Nanomedicine at UniMoRe
  • Nanomedicine research at CEN Foundation - part I & part II
  • Nanosafety and Nanobiotechnology - part I & part II
  • Nanotechnology applications for hydrocarbon detection and characterization
  • Nanotechnologies for precision medicine
  • Reviewing The Knack: how a new generation of High Tech talents is developing in Italy (title to be confirmed)
  • Safe Working with nanomaterials: practical approaches for R&D laboratories
  • Sensors and multifunctional devices
  • "Smart Textiles" - Functional antibacterial and antiflame nano-textiles
  • "Smart Textiles" - Nano-Antibacterial textiles: improving efficacy and safety
  • "Smart Textiles" - Sensor-integrated textiles
  • The ALM matter in the context of the Public Research: an overview
  • The exploitation of nanotechnology
  • The RInnovaReNano project: new insight into regulations and research of nanomaterials
  • Towards graphene integration in electronic devices: potentials and challenges
  • Tribology of carbon-based nano materials

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Organizing Secretariat

Dr. Cristina Gippa

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