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NanoInnovation 2016 - The Story

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Luciana DINI

Luciana DINI
Salento University




Luciana Dini is Full Professor of Comparative Anatomy and Cytology at Disteba- University of Salento;  Lecce (Italy).

Member of the PhD School in Biology and BiotechnologyUniversity of Salento and Director of the Master I level of the University of Salento “DATA MANAGER IN ONCOLOGY: expert in the design and management of a clinical study”. Responsible for the Socrates/ Erasmus/LLP program for the Faculty of Science. 2000/2001She was Director of the international Master ISUFI- Electron Microscopy: a tool for industrial quality and environmental monitoring. University of Lecce

She got many professional awards, as the " Società Nazionale di Scienze Lettere ed Arti" Award  (Napoli  1987) as best work in the field of Cellular Biology; Gold medals from the University of Yerevan (Armenia) (2003 and 2005); Laurea ad honorem in Medicine from the Medical state University of Yerevan (Armenia) (2005). She has been cited as outstanding research in the following books: “Who’sWho in Science and Engineering” 2003-now; “2000 outstanding scientists of the 21st century”

She is currently teaching in academic courses in the Academic degree of Biological Science, of Biotechnology, of Environmental science and Technology for the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage and Masters course.

The research activity is documented by over 200 papers cited more than 6000 times (h index 28 Web of Science) on International Journals and book chapters and proceedings and by about 300 Communications to Conferences: She has a long experience in the field of cytotoxicology. Her research activity was dedicated to the investigation of the cellular response to various stressors, both physical (electromagnetic fields) and chemical (different types of pollutants affecting human health also via food contamination), acting in the environment or used as possible drugs for therapeutic purposes (i.e. anticancer drugs and PhotoDynamicTherapy). Toxicological experiments were performed in vitro as well as in vivo on experimental animal models. In particular cell death (apoptosis, autophagy and necrosis) has been extensively studied.

The more recent field of interest is in the nanoscience: Nanomedicine and nanotoxicology; Nano-eco-toxicity.

She attended several International Conferences contributing either with oral or poster presentations and she was invited many times as speaker: She organized several International Conference, theoretical-practical schools and thematic courses.

She is among the founders of NanoItaly, Italian society for the promotion of nanotechnology.

She acts as referees for many journals and she is Editor of Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

She is member of many Professional Societies and she currently involved in a Cost action European Cooperation in Science and Technologies (ES1205) aimed to assess the potential toxicity of nanomaterials into the environment, acting as national member and Grant Holder.

She has a Patent MI2011A001045: innovative process for the production of Ozonized Olive Oil and a patent deposited: production of cosmetic based on olive residues.

She founded the Spin off: Alice biosourcess.r.l.

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